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Dangola, Tajikistan,ShanMei Group Power Transmission and Transmission project Completed

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        On May 20th, the first overseas BOT of Shan Mei Group(build - operation - transfer) project-- power transmission and transformation project completed in Dangola, Tajikistan. It is the first step for group to expand its international market.

  Tajikistan is rich in resources, but its infrastructure is backward. And the shortage of electricity seriously restricts its economic and social development. The country is planning a special economic zone in Dangola, where 60 businesses are expected to set up.Therefor, it is a priority to build power plants and related power facilities.

In 2017, Shaanxi Mei Group won the bid for the power transmission and transformation project of Dangola, Tajikistan. It registered and set up central Asia investment Co.,Ltd. As a consequence,it chose some excellent members to form a team in Tajikistan, and responsible for project of Dangola. During the course of project implementation, the central Asia investment (construction) Co., LTD. determined to make a total investment of $22.8 million in 220 KV power supply for the special economic zones, Dangola after investigation and research. At present, the project has been completed successfully, and after that, it can undertake the transmission and distribution service of the entire special economic zone, of Dangola.

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