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Taking measures to encourage initiativerom Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group

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In order to motivate managers to take their responsibilities actively, the party committee of Shan Mei  Group issued "Incentive Measures for Leaders and Middle Managers of Enterprises (Trial) " in March last year. It has received some good effects.

It is reported that the trial measures are mainly involved in  enterprise's leaders (subsidiary company’s leaders), as well as the  middle managers of enterprise (mainly refer to some heads of the grass-roots unit of production operators including mine, factory, workshop and branches, subsidiaries) .

In terms of motivating work, the affiliated enterprises' leaders should be based on taking the annual target responsibility assessment, the establishing ‘four excellent’ leadership team assessment and the annual member assessment. In order to make evaluation,reward and promotion,enterprises should make full use of the results of the leadership team and leaders' assessment ,as well as comprehensive research and judgment,

 As for incentive principle of middle managers, enterprises should focus on their work performance, outstanding economic efficiency, combined with the enterprise party construction, safety production, energy conservation, environmental protection, technology and management innovation and so on.

        According to the trial measures, various units affiliated of Shan Mei Group have formulated specific measures, and the trial effect is remarkable. Incentive measures have not only made outstanding contributions in the crucial stage for poverty alleviation, but also have promoted the development of enterprise transformation. Those who have made outstanding achievements in managing losses and creating results, as well as those who have the courage to take the initiative in reform. Among them, those leaders have got promoted for their contribution. For example, Qu Zhixin (from Huangling mining companies), Zhang Xingwenchief engineer of Pu-bai company, Guo Hongyin Chongqing branch of material group international logistics company, Qi ShunliFugu coal energy company

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