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ShaanMei Group signed strategic cooperation agreement with China Resources Power Holdings Ltd.

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On March23th, ShaanMei Group signed outline strategic cooperation agreement with China Resources Power Holdings in HuiZhou, both parties will establish strategic partnerships in energy investment and development field. Full cooperation will be carried out in operations management, technical services, capital investment, electricity sale business, coal supply and demand, equipment purchasing, logistics industry, overseas project, etc.

HuMin, CEO of China Resources Power Holdings, WangLin, HouYongjie, vice CEO, head of departments. Yang Zhaoqian, Shaanmei Chairman as well as Party Secretary, WangZengqiang, Deputy General Manager, FuZhanchao, Board director, heads of related department attended the signing ceremony.

China Resources Power Holdings and ShaanMei Group has long been in favorable cooperative relationship, from the establishment of supply and demand relationship with Mining Bureaus, to the respective opening of direct train to HuangLing, HuBei, XuZhou, and HeZe from 2013 to 2017, the number of mid-and-long term coal contract signing of both parties has reached five million tons, which will rise to more than a hundred million tons. 

Both parties will further widen the cooperation range and depth in the field of coal and electricity, and will stabilize and consolidate the systems of coal supply and demand, and will give full play to respective advantages in operational management and advantages of industry and technology, and will share advanced management experience, aiming at providing technology support and management service in coal and electricity operation management. They will also carry out multi-level and all-round cooperation in clean energy, distributed energy resource, multiple complement, and electricity sale business. Lastly, cooperation space in the field of logistics, supply and demand of equipment and overseas projects will also be expanded.

(By HaoJing)

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