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Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group’s CGPS industrial tests approved

Jul 22, 2015

On July 12, the CGPS industrial tests, co-researched by Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industrial Group and Beijing Coro Lighting on integrated technology of Gasify low-rank coal and pyrolysis, whose scientific and technological achievements have been passed and authenticated by Sinopec League in Beijing. The body of experts affirm that the technology i...

Governor Lou QinJian made a field investigation about the project of glycol in WeiHua Company

Jul 08, 2015

On the morning on July 2nd,deputy governor LouQinjian of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, came to survey the steady growth of Binxian County 30 thousand-ton Glycol Project at WeiHua Company. Deputy general manager YouXidi of Shaanxi Coal and Medical Group, manager LiangYukun of the chemical business division, general manager GuoJiangong of WeiHu...

Han Jianguo (vice-general manager, Shenhua Group) visited Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group with his retinue

Jun 12, 2015

In the morning of June 11th, the vice-general manager who named Han Jianguo ( the president from Shenhua Energy Company Ltd. ofChina) visited Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group with his retinue. Many relevant principals also attended the following meeting from Group’s department and Sales’ Group. All the attendees included Yang Zhaoqian (the pres...

Concerted efforts ensure economic growth and efficiency

Jun 12, 2015

Confronting the grim situation in industries of coal, iron and steel and chemicals, since this year, the Group didn’t adopt the policy of wait and see but pull together to eure economic growth and efficiency by issuing package of policies which are roughly classified into 6 parts with 22 specific measures. ----Euring production. By opt...

The first special railway line of BinChang mine district of the Group( Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry) starts its engine

Jun 02, 2015

11am, 31st May witnesses the cargo train loaded with coal departing from HuJiahe Bin Chang mine district to the market ofEast China, which marked the completion and final operation of the fit special railway line of BinChang mine district, ending the 12-year history without train running in this district. This project is the fit one that has...

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