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The focus of China central and provincial media on the technology of pulverized coal cleaning and combustion

Dec 11, 2015

On Dec.3rd, several China central and provincial news interview groups, such as the Xinhua News Agency Shaanxi branch, Technology Daily, China Coal Daily, China Chemical and Industry News, HuaXia Daily, China Business, Shaanxi Daily, SanQin Urban Daily, HuShang Daily organized by news center of Shaanxi coal and Chemical Group, has penetrated deeply...

Xi’an held “The 2015 economic situation special seminar” of economic research meeting of Chinese Coal

Nov 15, 2015

With the third meeting of the seventh council of the Chinese Coal economic research held on November seventh, Xi’an held“The 2015 economic situation special seminar”, which was spoored by Chinese Coal economic research, and undertaken by Shaanxi Chemical Group. To grasp accurately our country’s economic situation, judging the overall tendency of c...

Kornik Matulo Roozandeh?Nie Matulo, Minister of Tajikistan ministry of economic affairs, came to visit Shaanxi Coal and Chemistry Group

 18, 2015

On Sep. 14, Kornik Matulo Roozandeh?Nie Matulo, Minister of Tajikistan ministryofeconomicaffai, came to pay an official visit to Shaanxi Coal and Chemistry Group, YanGuanglao, general manager, vice-general manager SunXimin and heads of other related departments attended the forum. On the forum, general manager YanGuanglao, on behalf of Shaa...

New-type Energy Company was invited to attend the forum of Sino-US Coal Cleaning and Development

 07, 2015

In order to boost the pace of the high efficiency of coal cleaning, the development forum of Sino-US coal cleaning was held collectively as scheduled by National Energy Administration and US Ministry of Energy in Montana, Canada. Vice-general manager Sun-Ximin of Shaanxi Coal and Chemistry Group, executive director and general manager FangGang of t...

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industrial Group lists in the Global 500 enterprises of 2015

Jul 24, 2015

On the evening of July 22, 2015, Beijing time, Fortune of America officially proclaimed the list of world’s top 500 enterprises of 2015, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industrial Group lists the Global 500 enterprises relying on 28.665 billion dolla’ sales revenue and ranked 416. Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industrial Group is a super-huge-type che...

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