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Coal products more>
The main coal types has: long flame coal, non-stick coal, weak coal, lean coal, lean weakcoal, gas coal, coking coal, with "three low three high" characteristics, known as "natural clean coal".
Chemical products more>
Provide high-performance fertilizer, oil, basic materials, basic chemicals and high-end fine chemicals and other products.
Electro-mechanical product more>
Modern coal mine, chemical industry, engineering machinery, new energy equipment, modern intelligent optoelectronic product development and production enterprises. Among them, coal machine sets of products, engineering machinery and supporting services stay at the industry leading level.
Materials & other products more>
Iron and steel products production scale of 10 million tons / year, products to rebar, bar, wire-based. Cement production scale of 5.7 million tons / year.
Ohter products more>
Including wall panels, steel, latex paint and other building materials products, tape, anchor, round chain and other mining materials products and rarewater and other products.
Services more>
Services include geological and mineral exploration, engineering tender agent, project supervision, cost consulting, landscaping and other industries.
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