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Coal chemical industry is one of the leading industries of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd., which is an important way to transform coal from fuel to raw material or material.

By optimizing and adjusting the industry chain and product structure, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd. has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional chemical industry. In the north of Shaanxi and Weinan, the company has developed the coal chemical industry in a new and modern way which is high-end, high-efficient, low-carbon, environmental friendly, and sustainable. Through garden construction and taking use of coal according to its quality and level and coal-to-olefin as two leading businesses, the company develops tar deep processing, coal-to-olefin, FMTA, CTEG, polyester, coke powder gasification, oil preparation with high temperature Fischer-Tropsch, new high molecular chemical materials and high-end fine chemicals, so as to improve clean and efficient conversion and utilization of coal.

The company can produce 17.68 million tons of various chemical products annually, providing series products including high effective fertilizer, oil product, base materials, basic chemicals and high-end fine chemicals.

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